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DUI Chemical Testing in Fresno

What Are the Different Chemical Tests Used in the Central Valley?

There are two types of chemical testing: Breath and Blood. Urine used to be a test used, but was dropped a few years ago. An experienced Fresno DUI defense attorney will know how to point out the legitimate reasons why a chemical test was faulty. The attorneys at Wapner Jones P.C. take pride in the fact that they are more educated and knowledgeable regarding blood and breath testing than any of their competitors. This is what separates us from other attorneys and law firms. We spend many hours in training and education around the country so we are better equipped to defend you. As a result we have learned there are many ways to whittle away at the trustworthiness of the prosecution's evidence and prevent them from meeting their burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt regarding the chemical tests.

Breath Testing & Fresno DUI

There are many reasons for falsely high breath tests. The 15-minute observation period mandated by Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations may not have been complied with, or the accused may have burped, regurgitated or vomited within 15-minutes of taking the test. Medical conditions (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or LPR) or dental work (dentures or bridgework which may trap mouth alcohol) could account for an inaccurate test result. The breath sample could have been tainted with mouth alcohol or the breath-testing device may not have been operating properly. Testing during the absorption phase will give a false high reading. A qualified Fresno DUI defense lawyer will check the calibration and accuracy logs for the machine to ascertain whether or not the results are accurate, and will confirm whether the officer even followed the training protocol. Knowing the science of breath testing by your attorney is vitally important. Find out what their knowledge level is before you hire an attorney. This is the reason why a general criminal law attorney is not sufficient for your DUI case. It is imperative that you find a DUI attorney who can deal with the chemical testing.

Blood Testing & Fresno DUI

The blood sample can be drawn or stored improperly, or it may be tainted with improper levels of preservatives and anti-coagulant, all of which can give a false BAC result. In addition, the labs that run the tests do several of these at the same time using the same apparatus. Sometimes the vials get mixed up. If the blood test results are truly suspect, a DUI attorney who knows GC-FID and GC-MS will be able to find out why. The attorneys at Wapner Jones P.C. train at the Axion Laboratory in Chicago to learn how to defeat this test.

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