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There is no solid, agreeable definition of “gang” in America. However, the National Institute of Justice defines gang crimes as:

  • An association of three or more individuals
  • Members who collectively identify themselves by adopting a group identity, which they use to create an atmosphere of fear or intimidation, frequently by employing one or more of the following: A common name, slogan, identifying sign, symbol, tattoo or other physical markings, style or color of clothing, hairstyle, hand sign or graffiti
  • An association whose purpose in part is to engage in criminal activity and which uses violence or intimidation to further its criminal objectives
  • An association whose members engage in criminal activity or acts of juvenile delinquency that if committed by an adult would be crimes with the intent to enhance or preserve the association's power, reputation or economic resources
  • An association that may possess some of the following characteristics:
    • The members may employ rules for joining and operating within the association
    • The members may meet regularly
    • The association may provide physical protection of its members from others
    • The association may seek to exercise control over a particular geographic location or region, or it may simply defend its perceived interests against rivals
    • The association may have an identifiable structure

If you or someone you know was accused of a gang-related crime, there is no time to wait around. The prosecution is already building their case against you, which is why you should act quickly and retain our seasoned gang crime lawyers to defend your rights. Gang crime charges are complicated matters, therefore you need reliable representation from Wapner Jones, PC to help you navigate your case.

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Types of Gang Crimes

The FBI reported that there are about 33,000 gangs in the US. Due to the high volume of gangs that are present, law enforcement is on high-alert for identifying gang-related crimes. Among the most common gang crimes are those that involve the illegal use of drugs and violence:

California "Gang Sentencing" Enhancement Law & Penalties

The California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act increases the penalties for gang-related crimes. This is intended to deter gangs from committing crimes and does so by enforcing enhanced penalties such as:

  • Imprisonment in a county jail for up to one year or a state prison sentence for 16 months to 3 years
    • An additional 2 to 4 years may be added at the judge’s discretion
  • If convicted of a serious felony: Imprisonment for an additional 5 years
  • If convicted of a serious felony: Imprisonment for an additional 10 years

In order to convict you of a gang-related crime, the prosecution must prove the following:

  • Actively participates in any criminal street gang with knowledge that its members engage in, or have engaged in, a pattern of criminal gang activity
  • Willfully promotes, furthers, or assists in any felonious criminal conduct by members of that gang

Luckily, one of our attorneys was a former prosecutor and knows what to expect from the other side of the courtroom as a result. We can use this invaluable, well-rounded knowledge to prepare defense strategies against the prosecution’s anticipated attacks. This can help your case because we can be proactive and prepared throughout the process since we know what to expect during unexpected times.

Why Hire Our Gang Crimes Defense Attorneys?

You can rest assured that our team has what it takes to help you resolve your gang crimes case. With over 65 years of combined legal experience and a hard-hitting legal arsenal, we are confident in our ability to fight relentlessly for a favorable outcome such as alternatives to incarceration or dismissed penalties altogether. Our proven track record for successful results demonstrates our ability to tackle even the most complex cases, therefore we welcome you to learn how we can defend your gang crime charges.

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