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California Robbery Charges

In California, robbery is categorized as a violent crime, and the associated penalties can be serious. Robbery generally occurs when property is taken from another, in their immediate presence, by force, or even threat of force. If property is taken from another, but the victim is not present, the crime is usually considered as theft rather than robbery.

California Robbery Penalties

California law separates robbery into two separate categories based on the seriousness of the crime. The penalties and possible jail sentence will depend on the exact nature of the charge, the facts and circumstances of your individual case, past criminal history, and a number of other factors.

  • First Degree Robbery: First degree robbery occurs when the robbery is committed inside someone's house, or alternatively, against the driver of a vehicle (including a taxi driver, or bus driver). If you are convicted of first degree robbery, you may face a prison term of 3, 6 or 9 years.
  • Second Degree Robbery: Second degree robbery includes other robbery charges, not included in first degree robbery. Conviction for second degree robbery can include a prison sentence of 2, 3, or 5 years.

Have you been charged with robbery? Have you been released on bail with a pending robbery charge? It is important for you to contact a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney who will help you understand your rights, and explain all of your options.

California Robbery Defense Lawyers

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