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  • What Happens If I Refuse to Take a Breathalyzer?

    Getting pulled over for a suspected DUI can be one of the most frightening moments in your life, as you know the consequences of driving under the influence are severe and unforgiving. Once you are pulled over, you will likely be asked to take a breathalyzer test , in which you blow into a device which checks your blood alcohol content . If you are concerned about what may happen if you refuse to ...
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  • Helpful Tips After a DUI Arrest

    If you or someone you know was recently arrested for DUI in California, don’t wait to take legal action. Even first-time offenders could be looking at serious penalties if a conviction is made. How you handle yourself at this time – from what you do while in jail to what you say to law enforcement officers leading up to the arrest – could significantly impact the outcome of your case. 4 Tips You ...
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  • What Are the Duties of a Designated Driver?

    California’s Designated Driver Program is an official effort of the California state DMV to combat drunk driving. The general principle behind the program is abstention from alcoholic beverages for the purpose of responsibly transporting others who have been drinking. Designated drivers must: Be at least 21 years old Possess a valid driver’s license Be part of a group of 2 or more people Verbally ...
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  • My Child Was Arrested for DUI - What Should I Do?

    No parent ever expects to receive a phone call or visit from police informing them that their child has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) . While teenage DUI charges often stem from a momentary lack of judgment, this one-time mistake can carry lifelong consequences – making it crucial that you take action immediately to protect their future and freedom. If your child has been ...
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  • Avoiding a Marijuana DUI in Cannabis-Legal California

    While the results of the November 8 th elections have been divisive to say the least, many Californians have reason to rejoice given the passing of Proposition 64, making marijuana legal for recreational use for adults age 21 and older within the state. While the passing of this law will free individuals from many of the criminal consequences associated with the possession, use, and cultivation of ...
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  • I Passed the Field Sobriety Test but Was Still Arrested

    In California, field sobriety tests are a common method used by police officers in an attempt to determine whether a person has been driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol. If you are pulled over and the police suspect that you are intoxicated, there is a high probability that you will be asked to perform one of these tests. While the police may like you to assume that these ...
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  • Should I Sleep off a Buzz in My Car?

    If you are legally intoxicated and have nowhere to go, sleeping in your car may seem like the right thing to do. In some cases you may be right, but in California, it can also land you in hot water. If an officer has reason to believe that you drove, or were in a position to drive while intoxicated, you could be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) . No one can predict the future and ...
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