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Fraud is commonly considered a “white collar” crime. Several crimes can fall under the general category of "fraud" to include the following examples:

  • Forgery - to copy or produce a duplicate of a document, banknote, signature or other item.
  • Identity Theft - to knowingly use another person's identity for the purpose of benefiting from that person, usually financially.
  • Mail Fraud - to electronically send or mail money or something fraudulent.
  • Mortgage Fraud - to inflate an appraisal, to claim false income assets, to falsely represent oneself as a borrower, etc.
  • Insurance Fraud - to defraud the insurance process, whether from the side of the insurer or the insuree.
  • Fraud Involving Senior Citizens - to scam, fool or act fraudulently against a senior citizen in order to benefit in some way, usually financially.
  • Financial Fraud - to act fraudulently for the purpose of financial gain - this can take many forms.

In California, fraud most commonly occurs when someone gains an unfair benefit to the detriment or harm of another person. A conviction for fraud can include long jail sentences and heavy fines and costs. Many fraud charges are considered "wobblers." A wobbler can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the person's past criminal record and the specific facts of the individual case. Although some fraud charges are automatically considered felonies, and not subject to being dropped down to a misdemeanor.

Additionally, many fraud charges may be charged as federal crimes.

Fraud Defense Attorneys

Fraud charges are serious with significant penalties attached. If you have been charged with fraud, or are under investigation for fraud, it is important to talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Fresno today. Wapner Jones P.C. are experienced representing clients in fraud cases throughout the Fresno area. If you have questions regarding fraud or other criminal case, do not hesitate to contact our offices to schedule a free consultation. Fill out our online contact form, or call (559) 257-4707.

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