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Myths and Facts about DUI's in Fresno

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Myth: “There is nothing a lawyer can do for my DUI.”

Fact: FALSE. A skilled DUI lawyer can do plenty for you. If you plead guilty to a DUI charge, you have no chance to fight. Your DUI lawyer can help to challenge the evidence against you, and fight a DUI charge. A DUI arrest does not mean a DUI conviction. The conviction rate for California DUI's is only about 70 percent. What that means is about 30 percent of DUI charges are being reduced to some level less than a DUI charge, or even a not guilty verdict. Need an experienced DUI attorney? We at Wapner Jones, PC have won cases all throughout the Fresno and Central Valley area.

Myth: "I was over the limit because the breathalyzer said I was over the limit."

Fact: FALSE. The machines that test for blood alcohol limits are not 100% accurate. Instead, the breath machines have a range of accuracy, which may mean you were actually below the legal limit. Wapner Jones, PC DUI attorneys understand the limitations of these machines, and how this can work for your defense.

Myth: “I drank alcohol and I drove, so I must be guilty.”

Fact: FALSE. If you dank alcohol and drive, you are not necessarily guilty. Drinking an alcoholic beverage and then driving a motor vehicle is not a crime. It only becomes a crime if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08 percent or higher or if you are impaired. After having a drink, when when you drive and your BAC is below 0.08 percent, you are not guilty of a crime.

Myth: “Fighting the DUI charge will only make it worse.”

Fact: FALSE. Fighting the DUI charge will not make it worse. As a defendant in a criminal case, you have rights. If you enter a guilty plea, you will be found guilty 100 percent of the time. You have the right to challenge the evidence the prosecution presents, and the right DUI lawyer understands how to challenge that evidence.

Myth: “I'm good person. The court will understand, and get my charge reduced.”

Fact: In many of the courts in and around California's Central Valley, having no criminal record may be the only way to evaluate your character. Having an experienced DUI attorney can help to demonstrate to the court that your character is more than just your lack of a criminal record.

Myth: “I will just get a public defender to help me with my DUI.”

Fact: Getting a public defender to take your DUI case is complicated. There are stringent income guidelines in determining whether or not you are qualified for free representation. During your arraignment, you will even have to provide your person financial situation in open court and let the judge decide whether you qualify for the public defender. Just because you do not consider yourself well-off does not mean you will qualify for the public defender. At Wapner Jones, PC, we not only provide specialized and experienced DUI defense, but we can arrange flexible payment options for people in difficult financial situations.

Myth: “Hiring a DUI lawyer comes with all kinds of hidden costs.”

Fact: Hiring a DUI lawyer does not always come with all kinds of hidden costs. At Wapner Jones, PC, we provide flat fee representation, with all expenses included upfront. There are no hidden fees or expenses. The only additional fees will be for an investigator or alcohol expert, and you will decide whether or not you approve those costs first.

Myth: “Pleading guilty to a DUI will not cost me anything.”

Fact: FALSE. Pleading guilty to a DUI shows there are a number of substantial and hidden costs associated with a simple guilty plea. The initial fees and fines are detailed in the California Vehicle Code. But your simple $390 fine can suddenly increase to over $2,000 when you find the court has tacked on penalties, assessments and court fees. There are also court restitution requirements, and booking fees that can quickly amount to hundreds of dollars. DUI school may cost between $300 and $900. Getting your driver's license back can cost another $125. But one of the greatest hidden costs of a guilty plea will come from your auto liability insurance. An SR-22 insurance policy is expensive, and can double or even triple the cost of your auto insurance. This added insurance cost is not a one time expense, but will affect your insurance premiums for up to 10 years. For some people, losing their license may mean losing their job.

Myth: “DUI lawyers don't protect the public from drunk drivers.”

Fact: DUI lawyers do protect the public from drunk drivers. As attorneys, our job is to advocate on behalf of someone charged with a crime. Defending a client charged with money laundering does not mean the lawyer supports money laundering. When we defend a person accused of a DUI, it does not mean that we think drunk driving is okay. Our job is to do the best for our client, and force the prosecutor to do their job and prove their case.

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