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BAC of 0.20 Percent or Higher These Are the Times When You Need the Best

BAC of 0.20 Percent or Higher

Defending Those Accused of Driving Over the Legal BAC Limit.

A DUI charge can get ugly if you’re accused of driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .20% or higher. A BAC of .08% is enough to get a regular DUI charge, but drinking two and a half times that amount could put you at serious risk of losing your job, home, relationships with loved ones, and your livelihood altogether. In these cases, every decision counts, and it starts with your choice of legal representation.

Thus, you need Wapner Jones, PC to skillfully advocate to get your DUI charges reduced or dismissed. We obtain over 65 years of combined legal experience helping the accused successfully overcome their DUI charges. Our sole concentration on DUI defense is advantageous for your case because we have the competence, skill and focus needed to get you through your high-stakes charge. By staying sharp on DUI laws and legal practices at all times, we continually enhance our track record for proven results.

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How Is BAC measured?

BAC, or blood alcohol concentration, measures a person’s intoxication levels. People age 21 and older cannot operate a vehicle with a BAC of .08% or higher, while people under 21 years old cannot drive with a BAC of .05% or higher. When an officer pulls you over on suspicion of DUI, they may administer blood and/or breath tests to measure your BAC.

Unlike field sobriety tests (walk-and-turn, one-leg stand and horizontal gaze nystagmus), blood and breath tests measure the quantity of alcohol in your system rather than determining if you’re intoxicated or not. It’s important to note that breath and blood tests aren’t always accurate due to defective equipment, improper test administration and false readings.

Thus, you shouldn’t trust your test results entirely, especially if they read .20% or more. Our award-winning DUI defense team can fight to prove that these flaws produced false test results, therefore you shouldn’t have to suffer penalties due to someone else’s mistakes.

Penalties for Driving with a BAC of .20 or Higher

Since the legal BAC limit is below .08%, you can suffer severe penalties if convicted of driving two and a half times that amount. Driving with a BAC of .20% or higher comes with enhanced penalties including, but not limited to:

  • Participate in a licensed program that consists of at least 60 hours of program activities, including education, group counseling, and individual interview sessions for at least 9 months
  • Longer jail time
  • Higher fines
  • License suspension/revocation period for 10+ months
  • Ignition interlock device installation for three years or longer

Possible Defenses

Our DUI defense lawyer has handled countless cases involving some of the most severe DUI offenses one can commit. As a result, we obtain sharp legal defense skills and vast knowledge of how DUI laws work in California. We can utilize these key elements to strategize a compelling defense strategy on your behalf.

Depending on your alleged offense, we can employ the following defenses:

  • Defective blood/breath test equipment
  • Failure to properly administer field sobriety tests
  • Improper traffic stop
  • Lack of probable cause for your arrest
  • Officer didn’t read your Miranda Rights
  • Insufficient evidence proving you were in actual physical control of your vehicle

When you’re in trouble with the law, you need aggressive defense and compassionate advocacy in your corner. The justice system is far from simple and can intimidate defendants to a frightening extent. That’s why you need our seasoned defense attorneys to thoroughly explain your legal options and prepare you for what to expect before, during and after your court hearing.

Wapner Jones, PC is here for you in your toughest times. Allow us to fight for your peace of mind by contacting us at (559) 257-4707 for a free case review!

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