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  • Charge Reduced
    People vs Cruz P.
    Cruz P. was charged with a felony DUI resulting from an accident where another person was injured. After several months of negotiations, the Judge reduced the charge to a misdemeanor which resulted in a fine and DUI school only. The defendant was not sentenced to any jail time. He was able to keep his job because it wasn't a felony.
  • Charges Dismissed
    People vs Danny S.
    Danny S. was charged with a second-time DUI alleging that he was getting off the freeway and while making the turn from the freeway exit to the surface road he rear-ended the car in front of him (no injuries). He performed field sobriety tests and blew a .24 into the breath machine. We were able to show that the machine could not be accurate in light of the "good" performance of field sobriety tests. On the day of trial, the District Attorney dismissed the charges and dropped the case.
  • Reduced Sentence
    People vs. Alicia A.
    Miss A. was passing a big rig on SR-41 where she hit a car head-on. No one was killed however there were injuries to two people in the other car. Miss A. was found to have a blood alcohol level of .26 and had prior DUI offenses over 10 years before. Through the successful and artful examination of evidence and negotiations with the DA and Court, Mr. Wapner was able to get a reduced sentence, although a felony, no time in custody was ordered. If she completes certain alcohol conditions, the case will be reduced to a misdemeanor in one year. Miss A. was able to keep her job and maintain her life.
  • Not Guilty
    People vs. Bradly D.

    Bradly D. was charged with a fourth time DUI, a felony. He was also facing a violation of DUI probation for his third DUI. The allegation was that Bradly D. drove his vehicle while under the influence of Ambien. This sleep-drug was prescribed to him and this was the first night he took it to get to sleep.

    We were able to show that at the time of driving, Bradly D. was unconscious and due to the unintended consequences of Ambien, he was sleep driving. After 6 days of jury trial, he was found not guilty and acquitted of all charges.