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Avoiding a Marijuana DUI in Cannabis-Legal California

While the results of the November 8th elections have been divisive to say the least, many Californians have reason to rejoice given the passing of Proposition 64, making marijuana legal for recreational use for adults age 21 and older within the state. While the passing of this law will free individuals from many of the criminal consequences associated with the possession, use, and cultivation of marijuana, it is important to remember that it is still illegal to drive while under the influence (DUI) of marijuana.

If you should choose to partake in using marijuana given its newly legalized status, it is vital you do so responsibly to protect yourself against potentially serious consequences. The following tips can help you avoid a marijuana DUI in California:

  1. Do not use marijuana: As obvious as it may be, abstaining from using marijuana is the only surefire way to avoid a drugged driving charge. If there are no marijuana metabolites in your bloodstream, you cannot be convicted.
  2. Get educated: Metabolites can stay in your body for a month or longer after using marijuana. While states like Colorado have established a legal limit of five nanograms per millileter of THC (the drug’s active ingredient) or higher, California still does not have an established legal limit. As such, it is possible to be charged with drugged driving for having any trace of marijuana in your system.
  3. Wait before driving: Again, while driving with any amount of marijuana in your system could land you in hot water, if you absolutely must, be sure to wait a considerable amount of time until its effects have worn off before driving. While there is no exact science that says how much time is necessary, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends you wait at least three hours after your last hit before driving. This will prevent your impairment of handling a motor vehicle, reduce sleepiness or impaired coordination, and increase your reaction times.
  4. Drive safe: Driving errors such as wide turns, driving too slowly, weaving through traffic, rolling through stop signs, or driving at night with your headlights off can make you stick out to police and cause them to suspect you are under the influence. Obeying all traffic laws and properly maintaining your vehicle will reduce your chances of being pulled over in the first place.

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