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My Child Was Arrested for DUI - What Should I Do?

My Child Was Arrested for DUI - What Should I Do?

No parent ever expects to receive a phone call or visit from police informing them that their child has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). While teenage DUI charges often stem from a momentary lack of judgment, this one-time mistake can carry lifelong consequences – making it crucial that you take action immediately to protect their future and freedom.

If your child has been arrested for DUI, be sure to do the following:

  1. Understand California DUI law: The first step to guarding your child is to understand the penalties they face under California law. Underage defendants face even harsher standards than drivers of legal drinking age who are caught driving while intoxicated. California has a “Zero Tolerance” standard in California, meaning that an underage driver may be charged with DUI for having any detectible amount of alcohol in their system. A basic underage DUI charge can carry a one year driver’s license suspension, expensive fines, up to five years of DUI probation, and a jail sentence ranging from two days to six months. Additional penalties may be imposed for repeat offenders or if someone was injured or killed due to their intoxication.
  2. Understand the long-term consequences: No parent ever wants to see their child go to jail or be slapped with harsh fines. The reality of the matter is that these are often the least of a child’s worries, with a far more imposing threat being the impact that a criminal record can have on their future opportunities. A DUI conviction can result in denial of financial aid, rejection to certain colleges, skyrocketing insurance costs, and considerable difficulty finding employment.
  3. Contact a powerful attorney: An experienced DUI attorney will be able to represent your child in court and use their skills to negotiate with the prosecution for a reduction or dismissal of their charges. From contesting the reliability of breath and blood test results to custom tailoring arguments to the attitude of the judge overseeing their case, a lawyer will be able to maximize our child’s chances of securing a favorable result for their case – oftentimes long before a trial even begins.

Aggressive Underage DUI Advocacy in Fresno

If your child has been accused of driving under the influence, our team of aggressive Fresno DUI lawyers at Waper Jones, PC can provide the trial-tested representation you need to ensure your child’s interests are guarded every step of the way. Backed by more than 55 years of proven legal experience and a perfect 10.0 “Superb” Avvo Rating for our unmatched advocacy and skill, we have what it takes to help your child get through this frightening experience as smoothly as possible.

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