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What Happens If I Refuse to Take a Breathalyzer?

What Happens If I Refuse to Take a Breathalyzer?

Getting pulled over for a suspected DUI can be one of the most frightening moments in your life, as you know the consequences of driving under the influence are severe and unforgiving. Once you are pulled over, you will likely be asked to take a breathalyzer test, in which you blow into a device which checks your blood alcohol content. If you are concerned about what may happen if you refuse to take a breathalyzer test, you aren’t alone--many people refuse to take one because they don’t want to incriminate themselves with such solid proof.

However, in the State of California, refusal may be one of the worst decisions you can make. While you have every right to do so, it is certainly not recommended for a number of reasons. First of all, refusing to take a breathalyzer means you will earn an automatic citation on your license, and if you have any sort of past record, your license may be suspended.

Refusing will mean you will then be forced to take a blood test, which will certainly buy you time, but won’t erase the citation on your license. You may also be arrested depending on the circumstances under which you were driving. Risking arrest is simply not worth it--taking the test may also incriminate you, but it will be an easier process to fight against if you enlist in the help of an aggressive and strongminded Fresno DUI attorney such as ours at Wapner Jones, P.C.

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