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Federal Marijuana Laws

Federal Marijuana Laws

Possession and/or cultivation of marijuana is illegal. Under federal law, marijuana possession for personal use, or with intent to sell, traffic, or even the conspiracy to distribute, is a violation.

Marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance under federal law, which can result in severe penalties including fines and jail time. Depending on the quantity of marijuana, there are mandatory prison sentences, with minimums of 5 or 10 years. These sentences are imposed automatically.

Federal law does not recognize marijuana for medicinal use, and there is no medical marijuana defense under federal law. Even if a physician has approved the medical used of marijuana which may be appropriate under state law, the federal laws remain in effect.

Unlike marijuana cases under California state law, marijuana cases that involve violations of federal law are among the most complex and challenging cases because of the severe potential penalties, and lack of affirmative defenses. Federal marijuana cases require a criminal defense attorney who is experienced and skilled in defending such cases. This requires the knowledge and understanding of both marijuana, and the complex sentencing guidelines associated with federal drug crimes.

Federal Marijuana Legal Defense

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